About Us


So you want to know a bit about us? Well, grab a brew or (something stronger if you're daring) and we will take you on a musical journey! ​

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... and a little after Mozart was born... we were founded by our Director Barney Cunningham. Since then we have followed a musical journey that has seen us rock out with Supertramp Saxophonist John Helliwell, listen in awe to the wonders of Oscar Winner Amir Konjani and experience music like no other from the Riot Ensemble.

We have built our team consisting of the best of the best. With a Conductor of Deakinsesque Cameras shots, an Avid Certified Editing Maestro, a Social Media Wizkid, an Artistic Guru and our One-Stop-Shop Graphics Designer in our ranks, you're always in safe hands! 

Everyone on our team loves music. Who doesn't? We also have some musicians in the ranks too, so if you want to let out your creative juices to music, we're happy to jam! Oh and Andy loves Spotify... 

Having surrounded ourselves with the beauty of music for so long, we know we can make any musician's vision come to life.


So, what’s your idea?